Progression into the Stars

A Grand Explosion


A Grand Explosion

December 31st, 2264

The group finally reunite at the intersection where John had everyone meet up. From there the guard led them down a staircase and straight to Isabella’s “Throne Room”. Immediately upon entering Isabella (having seen them) rose and ordered that they be captured and thrown in jail cells. The guards in the throne room apprehended the group and led them back towards the jail cells. Upon arriving at the top of the staircase, however, they were come upon by a horde of angry invisible workers. Between Phil and Kilroy the mob was tricked into assaulting Isabella in her “throne room”. This kept her and her guards busy long enough for the group to go down to the reactor room.

In the reactor room they were asked for their clearance level and why they were supposed to be there. Phil gave the guy asking them these questions the code John had generated earlier for escorting the group to Isabella. While the guy had the code looked up, Andy sneaked away to find something to sabotage the reactor with, and everyone else drew their guns and threatened the employee. While he still had his communicator, though, he activated the security measures. Soon the sentry droids came out into the room and had the group surrounded, as well as one sentry for Andy. While the others were having no luck with their sentries, Andy quickly dispatched of hers and proceeded to sabotage the reactor. Once sabotaged a warning blared out from the speakers announcing the imminent destruction. The droids, now caring about their lives, quickly departed from the scene leaving the group free to do as they please once again. They made their way to the hanger and to their delight found Isabella’s personal ship still in the hanger. They boarded and convinced the bridge crew that she was on board as well and that they were to leave.

As they were taking off many group members saw Isabella enter the hanger. Phil quickly persuaded bridge crew members that Isabella wanted the hanger destroyed. They did so ensuring that she could not escape the reactor explosion (or killing her right then if she was still in the hanger). After leaving the moon the course was set for Transit and off they went.

While traveling Baptiste convinced the crew that since Isabella was killed they might as well wait and see if the people they work for would hire them. Most of the crew agreed. Furthermore, Tatiana managed to find evidence of Isabella having been hired and accomplishing the bombing of the SD6 building on Transit all those years ago. She had apparently been hired by an organization known as POD.

November 24th, 2267

Upon arriving on Transit Phil immediately attempted to contact their SD6 handler Max. Failing this they decided to go eat at their most favorite joint “in town” the IHOW they had been attacked at. While there, a group of government men entered and asked the party to go with them back to headquarters. The group did and once inside in a conference room they were informed that they were being arrested for being terrorists.

The group pleaded that they were not terrorists and in fact worked for the government themselves. They were then asked if they worked for SD6. When they answered yes, they were told that SD6 was actually a terrorist organization. After a lot of talking they decided their best bet would be to act as “double spies” for the Transit government and go spy on SD6. While talking with the Transit government people Asuka’s sister comes into the room revealing that she has worked for the government the whole time!


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