Progression into the Stars

A Whole New World


A Whole New World

Date Unknown

John breaks the door open a bit. Stumpy gets through, starts hitting buttons on the control panel, then falls. Chiung breaks through the door. Guards enter the new room from the second door, see the door broken, and after contacting Isabella leave closing the second door. Eventually the group breaks through and explore some rooms. They are assaulted but succeed in holding them off. The ship lands and Isabella takes off as soon as everyone gets off the ship. While stranded, night falls. The group camps for the night. During John’s watch he decides to take off on his own. The rest of the guys wake up the next morning to find John gone and then suddenly everyone notices their ship landing.

December 30th, 2264

In the midst of flight Bo witnesses a strange formation of purple in the space. He makes his way towards it and while in it his navigation systems mess up. They fly in the purpleness for what seems to be about an hour and then suddenly find themselves no longer in the purpleness and at Yarray 5. Isabella reveals the landing pad where she dropped off the others of the group and due to the planetary cloud cover Bo is left no choice but to land there.

Reunited the group decide that they are going to go and find John. Fortunately Kilroy had the foresight to place a tracking unit on John. When they have almost left the clearing the landing pad opens and the ship falls in, before the landing pad closes again Bo manages to get the ship flying and escapes from the trap, but not unharmed. In the process of escaping a part of one of the ship’s wings is destroyed. After hours of travel the group catches up with John.


To anyone that wants to, if you write this out in a way that looks a lot better than just a bunch of facts that were quickly scribbled down (so more like a story), I will give you one bonus CP. Each person that helps can earn this bonus. Be sure to message me a copy of what you’ve done so I can easily see it, and in case someone comes along later and removes what you put.

You guys can change any of the sentences, but obviously don’t write stuff that didn’t actually happen during the session.

A Whole New World
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