Progression into the Stars

Averting the Labyrinth


Averting the Labyrinth

December 30th, 2264

After meeting up with John Smith everyone returns to the ship. Meanwhile, Bo works on the ship. When the group returns everyone goes to sleep while John works on the ship some more.

December 31st, 2264

Before they could finish fixing the wing Isabella informs them that she will be destroying their ship in a couple of hours if they don’t enter the labyrinth soon. Deciding to act before Isabella can do anything the group pile into the ship and take off towards her mansion. Not liking this, she begins firing missiles at them. Kilroy attempts to send the ship into the future, but somehow fails and disappears himself. Cleverly avoiding the missiles, the group arrives in the vicinity of the mansion. Seeing that they probably can’t land on the landing platform, or the mansion itself, they opt to land on the labyrinth canopy and drop in, near the exit. Just as they are get off the ship missiles finally hit it and blow it up.

The group travels towards the mansion for about an hour before coming to a turn in the path. Just as the group is walking up to the turn, a giant Man Mantis appears from the “corner”. When Saxon goes to leave the Man Mantis charges him, and consequently gets shot by a few of the others, and keeps him from leaving. A short battle ensues ending with Mo and Asuka getting smashed by the Human torso but the rest having hot and fiery shards of Mantis exoskeleton smashing into them. After a half hour of recovery the group continues onward towards the mansion.

After about another hour of traveling the group hears someone in the sky and look up to see Kilroy dropping from the sky, get caught by a tree, and dropped into the labyrinth just before the group. They ‘rush’ to him and after a short moment of reunion they continue to the mansion.

A few hours later they arrive at the mansion just in time to see a ship land on the landing pad. John gets a better angle to see two people emerge from the craft, one right behind the other. He shoots the one in back and then calls out to the other one. After some brief confusion it is decided that this other man isn’t a threat to the group. He introduces himself as Solomon Gorske as the group decides how they will tackle getting to Isabella.


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