Progression into the Stars

Events According to Baptiste


Events According to Baptiste

We finally arrived at Grand Hammer and found a beautiful woman waiting for us at the spaceport. The man, Bart Johnson, had asked her to make accommodations for us while we were to stay in the city. Introductions were made and then she led us to a limousine which would take us to our hotel. Once there, John Smith was asking her many questions when her phone rang. She came back into the room obviously trying to hide that she had been crying. She would not tell us what had upset her so much, but after calling Bart Johnson John Smith found out that she had just lost her job due to some mishap on planet. John Smith, in all of his generosity, offered to get her a job with SD6. She accepted, which is great because we now have five beautiful women in the group! After having a vid-meeting with Max Silver all the new people got jobs with SD6 and the crew of the Senhora de Destruição. We were told to wait a few days for someone to arrive with papers for the new people. I, of course, spent my free time going to the local bars. A couple days later the man arrive, right on time. After filling out the paperwork Max Silver was contacted once more. He asked us to now go to Prospect and wait for another man to take us to the SD6 base there. I don’t know why he didn’t just have us go to Prospect in the first place and then have the new members fill out all the required paperwork there. I suppose it isn’t important.


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