Progression into the Stars

Captain's Log


Captain’s Log

Captain’s Log: stardate… (But I guess it is sometime in May).
Why “Captain’s Log,” which by the way is exactly as awesome as it sounds (Captain John Smith)? Well to that I reply “why are you in such a freaking hurry. Read my log and you will figure out. I am a Captain and deserve some respect. Unless you’re an Admiral then I am totally sorry for that outburst.”

So, back at Isabella’s place I decided to lay back for a little while and see what everyone else would do. They set off a nuclear reactor and blew off a chunk of a planet. Then we got back to transit, they decided it was a good idea to let us get ourselves captured, and then we found out that SD6 are actually terrorists. (I am pretty sure I knew all along. Yes, that is something that someone as smart of me would know. Officially, that is what we tell people). Now, we are double agents against SD6 and picked up Asuka’s sister.

At this point, I decided to take charge. I boldly cleared my voice and called dibs on being captain of our new spaceship. And everyone know that dibs is totally a thing, and that everyone has to honor it because “I CALLED DIBS.” I boldly decided to make Kilroy to be first mate (and hey he also called dibs on that). This was a definite bonus because even if we are totally FUBAR Kilroy will at least be there with a good strong drink. I boldly selected Solomon to be the new doctor, and Kilroy and I decided to boldly call him “Bones.” Bones tried to tell us to call him Solomon, but we just smiled and said “That’s Bones for you, he is so hilarious.”

Anyways, we landed on Grand Hammer safely, which was mostly due to some bold captaining whether people needed it or not. There was a woman at the spaceport there who claimed her name was Emma Ross. Apparently, Bart Johnson had sent her to meet us. There was something off about her, but she had a limousine and limousines are cool. So, she took us to the hotel. I found her infuriating, boring, and perplexing at the same time. She received a phone call, which upset her greatly. I used my Captain’s intuition and called Bart Johnson, who told me she was just fired. After arriving at our hotel, I decided to offer her a job with SD6 (I failed to mention I might not have this power, but hey nobody’s perfect). She accepted, which told me that Captain John Smith still had a way with the ladies.

I used my considerable skills of persuasion to boldly convince SD6 to hire Andy, Rei, Solomon, and Emma. Also, they hired my crew. (Need to look into whether having this many women is awesome or bad luck, or perhaps awesome luck) They sent someone over with contracts. Emma is possibly a crazy. And I mean certifiably crazy and in need of rubber wall, and not in an all women are crazy sense. She tried to sign her name as Madeline Richter. Rei said she might have a split personality, and that we should not say anything about it. I called BS, rolled my eyes, and said OK. Anyways, I hope it is true because this Madeline seems much more entertaining than Emma.

In the meantime, I gave Emma (I think it was Emma) a tour of the ship. While there Andy apparently stole my prized fog machine (she is no longer allowed to walk around without a chaperone). I boldly demanded that she help me get it back because fog machines are bold, and as Captain I do things boldly. By Boldly, I mean I tied her up and Rei interrogated her. (Note to self: do not piss those sisters off) I promised that I would forget if it never happened again.
Next, we go to prospect to meet up with SD6. We have some people who know were double agents, while others have no idea. Things are about to get more interesting, and this will require a lot more boldness (note to self: have someone find me a Thesaurus and look up boldly for next log).


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