Progression into the Stars

Cured At Last!


Cured At Last!

June 29th, 2268

Bones finally manages to complete the cure for everyone!

After a couple days of traveling everyone is cured up and ready to leave the planet. Fortunately this was just in time for Max Silver’s next assignment to the group. Since they were unable to successfully deliver the briefcase to Agent Geo 9 they are to instead deliver it to Jung Wei on Fusion.

July 1st, 2270

The group arrives on Fusion and goes to meet with Jung at the spaceport’s IHOW. John tried to get Jung to let them see what was in the briefcase but he absolutely would not. Thus, John refused to give the briefcase to him. After debating for a while Jung called SD6 and Max then called John and ordered him to give up the briefcase. He did so, but not before planting a tracking device on the briefcase and Jung himself. He then followed Jung through security all the way to his house on the base.

Meanwhile, Bones and Baptiste went shopping for medical supplies to restock med-bay with. This took them some time, but they managed to get a good supply of everything they needed.

Once Jung arrived home, and after Mr. Fluffers his cat was fed, he “opened” the briefcase. It is at this time that it is revealed that the “briefcase” was actually just metal all the way through and it only signifies that Jung should get the real briefcase that he has stowed away somewhere out and open it up instead. Inside was a CD and the briefcase turned out to be a device for playing the CD. The inside of the briefcase was a screen showing some agents face. The agent told Jung that he was being burned by SD6 and that the briefcase would then explode.

In all of his quickness John managed to save Mr. Fluffers from the explosion, although it fried some of his armor. He then began making his way back to the ship, all the while lying to anyone that approached him saying that he was Jung’s cat groomer. This managed to get him to the first security checkpoint where he tricked the guards into thinking there was incoming gunfire. He then killed all four of them and proceeded towards the ship. He eventually ran into another group of guards, and by tricking them as well, got them all the leave and one of them to escort him to his ship. Just before John and the others could finish entering the ship and take off, however, the guard escorting John received word that he was wanted for questioning about the explosion that took place at Jung’s house. The group then hurried onto the ship and took off.

But they weren’t safe just yet, as the base on Fusion sent out six ships to intercept them. They took out five of the ships while taking a hit directly into med-bay before escaping.


Sounds like an action packed session!

Cured At Last!

Indeed it was! There was plenty of combat on planet (for Seth anyway), but we’d never done a space battle before it was really cool!

Cured At Last!
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