Progression into the Stars

Enter the Mansion


Enter the Mansion

December 31st, 2264

After a few minutes of palaver, the group decides to enter the mansion via the roof entrance.

Inside this room they immediately notice the walls are covered with what looks to be rat fur, with a tinge of green. Phil promptly realizes that what is on the walls is a plant creature of some sort. He then begins conversing with it. Meanwhile, Solomon is quick to begin studying the strange creature. Suddenly the creature “reaches out” at Phil and Solomon (each at different locations) and attempts to ensnare them. Phil deftly dodges out of the way, while Solomon, engrossed in his findings, is saved by John. After this massive betrayal of trust, since Phil had been “making friends” with the creature, John dashes forward busting down the opposite door. Unfortunately, he was not fast enough to evade being consumed by the plant wall creature (thing). Tatiana immediately set the plant on fire, while Kilroy fired at it with his laser, and Asuka began shooting at the ground.

After the group weakened the plant a little, John managed to push his way through and into the new room he had been heading for. The room was a bathroom. Furthermore, to his dismay (and massive confusion), John seemed to have lost his helmet. After some investigation he realized that his helmet was still on his head, just seeming to not be. After taking a moment to fire upon the plant creature that had just engulfed him, John examines the bathroom further. Suddenly, there was a flush and in a moment’s panic, John had his pistol pointed at the stall demanding that whoever was in it to come out. It was a scared woman who claimed to be an employee of Isabella’s, but not an important one so no important information was known to her. John bid her lead him to Isabella which she began doing, but when she disappeared into the plant creature John began to freak out. Firing on the wall he realized something was strange with it, further inspection revealed to him that it too seemed to be a creature with similar qualities of that in the previous room. Deciding to risk getting stuck, John charges through the plant (mostly fire now) creature blocking the doorway, and emerged back in the previous room.

While this was happening, Tatiana and Kilroy further damage the wall plant creature with more fire, Phil managed to leak some [can’t remember what it was] onto the plant (in hopes of it being deathly allergic to it), Asuka still firing at the floor, and Solomon standing around doing nothing. Asuka manages to create a whole in the floor and drops through, everyone else is quick to follow, except for Tatiana who is waiting around for John to show up.

The room below the plant wall creature thing room is a pantry. Always looking for a drink, Kilroy swiftly grabs up some alcohol from the shelves. The group proceed into a hallway from the pantry noticing two doors down the hall. The door on the left opens into a kitchen where the group spends a few moments messing around. After making a few drinks they return to the hallway then go through the last door at the end.

They emerge into a mess hall. One man gets up and goes to ask them what they are doing. Phil begins telling the man a story about how he is the new soup robot and that Solomon (real name not used) is his deaf and mute mechanic. Finding out that they got lost looking for Isabella the man offers to lead Phil to her and suggests that Solomon go stay in his room since there is no need for him to go along. Before letting Solomon have a chance to do anything (aka fuck it up) he jumps in informing the man that they had not been told where they were to stay. He says he’ll lead Solomon to where he’ll be staying and then lead Phil to Isabella. The two follow the man to Solomon’s room. When they arrive they enter the room and ask for a moment to discuss something private. The man leaves the room, but when Phil attempts to open the door finds it to be locked. The hologram showing the room to be a nice one turns off revealing it for what it actually is, a jail.

During the adventure on the floor below John bursts through the remaining flaming bits of plant creature and he and Tatiana jump down into the pantry. John decides to pour some water on part of his armor, and finds out that some spores are on his armor hiding it. They go into the kitchen where he can more properly clean his armor. While they are doing this Kilroy and Asuka, having been ignored by the man “assisting” Phil and Solomon, join John and Tatiana in the kitchen. They decide to put these spores/seeds into the drinks they’ve made and prepare to go back out into the mess hall and offer them up to everyone.

When they go back out into the mess hall they are surprised to see that it has almost completely filled up since they were in the kitchen. In addition to all these new people, two more looking like chefs, approach the party. They gesture for them to step aside and the big one (who looks to be in charge) begins asking them questions. John whispers some lies into his ear and inflicts the man with foolishness so as to easily confuse him. This works and the big man begins falling for some of the group’s lies. To aid him, however, the smaller man, later whose name was revealed to be Pierre, begins picking up on the strange comments from the party. John attempts to confuse Pierre as well, but fails and almost gets caught by the smaller man. Having failed to catch John, however, Pierre looks strange and with the help of John’s lies the big man believes that Pierre needs to go see the doctor. Since the big man was also behaving strangely Pierre agrees to go see the doctor if the big man will come along with him. The two leave and the big man leaves the group in charge of feeding everyone.


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