Progression into the Stars

Events According to John Smith


Events According to John Smith

In case someone else is reading this, I will refer to myself in the third person. This the truth of recent events.
John Smith, Stumpy, Tatiana, and Asuka are still trapped by the insidious Isabella Hinano on her spaceship. They are being pursued by the rest of the group. Luckily, Kilroy had the foresight to place a tracking device on John Smith (while John Smith was brilliant enough to decide not to notice), while Mo was able to figure out the destination the ship was headed for.

At the insistence of others, John Smith, who would have just as much assumed to stay in bed, used his vast abilities and mental powers to weaken the door enough for Stumpy to slip out. Stumpy failed to open the door, but Chiung (who seemed to be inspired by the brilliant John Smith) used the bed to bust down the door. This revealed a room with a desk and a chair, and another door. At that moment, the guards came in. They contacted the insidious Isabella (it seemed at that moment as if the guards had a look of amazement. It seemed as if their simple minds understood how futile it would be to lock that second door, and they seemed to know, on a subconscious level, that no mere door could hold back John Smith).

The next door was electrified, but the brave John Smith heroically volunteered to take the shock for the team. In doing so, he was able to knock down the door. In the next hallway, they saw several doors. They were soon beset by an uncountable horde of hardened mercenaries hellbent on their destruction. In the nick of time, John Smith used his mental acuity and persuasive prowess to convinces the guards to attack each other. The group used this advantage to over power the guards.

Soon after, the ship seemed to land and they stopped. They heard the insidious voice of Isabella over the intercom telling them to get off the ship. John Smith demanded the return of their personal property. The insidious Isabella used this opportunity to drop a box that had a note saying “Your Stuff.” John Smith immediately recognized this was a trap, and decided he should check it out by himself while everyone else stayed on the ship. Hence, HE GAVE EXPLICIT INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVERYONE TO STAY ON THE DAMN SHIP. BUT NO, THEY NEVER LISTEN TO HIM EVEN THOUGH HE IS RIGHT ALL THE FREAKING TIME. WHO IS HE CASANDRA? INSTEAD THEY ALL JUMP OFF THE DAMN SHIP. John Smith REALIZED THAT IF THEY WERE GOING TO ESCAPE THIS DAMNABLE PLACE THEN THE ONUS WOULD BE ON HIM. The box had a tent, and a gun for each of them, which was loaded with one bullet. That night, Stumpy laid on the ground and stared at the sky. While John Smith decided that he needed to scout away. He did this stealthily because he did not want to worry those with him, or have them follow him and put themselves in danger. He scouted ahead for 8 hours and decided to take a short nap.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group was on their way to Yarray 5. Luckily, they fly into a large purplish spaceish thing (wormhole). While it seemed like it might be the end of them, Bo manged to successfully fly through the purplish wormhole, and luckily they wound up at Yarray 5. When they tried to land they had no choice but to land on the space pad indicated by Isabella because of the cloud cover.

Soon after, everyone was reunited, except for John Smith who had bravely scouted ahead and braved the danger alone (there was a lot of bravery). The reunited group went after John Smith because they missed him so much, but luckily he still had the tracking device, which John Smith had been clever enough to not notice it had been placed on him. A streak of fire across the sky suggested John Smith should stay put, which he did.

Meanwhile, the mouth of the landing pad opened up and tried to consume the ship, but fortunately Bo and Mo managed to fly the ship out. Unfortunately, the ship sustained minor damage.

Eventually the group caught up with John. They were overjoyed and exhausted.


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