Progression into the Stars

In Pursuit of Scanners


In Pursuit of Scanners

May 31st, 2268

The group arrives at Völundr ready to locate Agent Geo 9. Unfortunately the planet is a gas giant and thus there is a lot of space to explore for the missing agent. They send out a message hailing Agent Geo 9, but after 20 minutes of not getting a response they decide to scan for his ship.

This is when John is enlightened to the fact that the ship doesn’t have any scanners on it. He calls Max and asks if the ship can be equipped with some scanning devices. Max says that it can be done, but he’ll have to get back to John with how long it will take for it to happen. They return to Smithy’s Anvil to have the ship upgraded. While landing, however, they learn that the parts won’t be ready for a few more hours. Upon landing the group come across an old friend, Stumpy! He joins them to their trek to a bar where another coincidence occurs.

After entering the bar John exclaims quite loudly some profanity to which a man comes over and greets him as “jabber-jaw” and gives him a big man hug. It turns out that this man is one of John’s older brothers. They talk for a long while, but are interrupted when John receives a call from one of their ship employees. It turns out that the ship is under attack!

Everyone rushes to the ship to save it. Upon arriving Asuka and her sister Rei are the first to enter. They proceed straight to the bridge. Shortly after them Billy and Madeleine go straight to the bridge as well. John heads to engineering while Baptiste helps injured crew members to Bones. The group that headed to the bridge make short work of the intruders there, but before John can reach engineering the whole room blows up destroying the back part of the ship and unbalancing the wings. They eventually manage to secure the ship and even find three survivors from the invading crew. A short interrogation reveals they were just pirates looking to snag a nice looking ship. John and Billy kill two of the prisoners and hire the third to join the crew.

After a couple days of searching Emma, John, and Billy manage to find new crew members to replace the ones that were lost in the attempt to steal the ship. Meanwhile Mo, Bo, and Stumpy work on repairing the ship, as well as installing the new parts.


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