Progression into the Stars

Recovering Agent Geo 9


Recovering Agent Geo 9

June 7th, 2268

When the ship is finally repaired the group head out back to Völundr to use their new scanning equipment to find Agent Geo 9. Upon arriving at the planet, however, they receive a distress signal. They proceed to its whereabouts to discover a ship hovering in the upper atmosphere. After suiting up they make their way into the ship.

Once inside they discover that the ship is about to run out of fuel. Everyone but John and Billy evacuate while John has Kilroy hook up cables from the I.H. Senhora de Destruição to tow the ship out of orbit. Unsure if this is enough John gives the ship a major burst of acceleration right as Kilroy begins to tow it. At first this doesn’t look like it will be good enough but when the fuel does run out the ship continues to rise.

After a half hour of having the crew closely examine the inside of the ship they found Agent Geo 9’s dead body as well as a Fogomatic 3000 and the agent’s notes on creating the cure to their disease! A quick call to Max and they are on their way back to Smithy’s Anvil.

Back on planet Bones aids the SD6 scientists in finishing the cure that Agent Geo 9 could not. Meanwhile, John and Emma work on creating documents showing that John has ownership of the ship. Also during this time Phil and Billy go to the Grand Hammer undercity to look for drug dealers. They come across one man that leads them to another, Tom Arks. While they wait around to meet Tom they go looking for someone to open the briefcase. He attempts to but has as much success as the group did.

June 12th, 2268

Phil and Billy go back to meet Tom Arks. They have a quick chat with him and convince him to introduce them to his friend Bob Marli who is known for creating Srugpins, the drug they’re interested in.

June 13th, 2268

They meet with Tom and Bob the next day. Bob tells them that his ma originally created the drug with her partner, Bob’s dead pa. She died from her own drug and Bob’s arch-nemesis, Ziggy Whitebricks, stole the formula from his ma and began making some Srugpins of his own.


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