Progression into the Stars

Reunion on Smithy's Anvil


Captain’s Log of John Smith

Stardate: Either the day after yesterday or the day before tomorrow.

On our way to the gas giant Volundr in our search for Geo 9 (beginning to piss me off). When we got to the gas giant we sent out a hail for about 30 minutes. Around this time two things came to my attention. Number 1: We seem to lack the sufficient amount of scanner and probes necessary to properly search the orbit of this planet. In other words, we do not have a single damn scanner or probe. Number 2: However, the second thing I learned was much more disturbing. Since we went through detoxed Kilroy has been staying sober. The good news is that Kilroy not drinking alcohol seems to single-handedly lower ship expenses by 10%. The bad news is that Kilroy is much less interesting. So anyways, we determined that it order to have functional scanners with supplies on the ship we would have to give up life support, but everyone was against risking “eventual and certain suffocation.” It occurred to me that death from carbon dioxide poisoning would occur long before we were out of oxygen. Moreover, we would probably freeze even before that. But I kept this to myself because I didn’t think it would help my argument.

Then we daringly (I am trying it out) called up Max Silver and asked if he could arrange us some scanners for the ship. He said he could if we came back to Smithy’s Anvil. So, we did, but we would have to wait a few hours for the parts to be ready.

When we arrived we were joyously reunited with Stumpy who is little older, and he had all his limbs. So, we invited him to the bar with us. When we arrived at the bar something happened that can only possibly be explained by the fact that while God loves me, he also enjoys screwing with me a great deal. So, I sat in the bar and saw my “dear” brother Billy. Look, it is not that I do not love Billy, its just that we are very different people. He is a miner who makes me seem meek.

I mean I was very excited to see him. And he totally did not refer to me by a nickname that everyone would be advised to forget and not use ever. Just when we all started to get our drink on, we got a call saying the ship was under attack.

We ran to help. When we got there Baptiste and Dr. Solomon (a.k.a. BONES) set up a triage area outside the ship. Rei and Asuka arrived at the ship first. Followed closely by Billy and Emma (but apparently the violent version). They all decided to go to the Bridge. You know the area at the top of the ship that would be easiest to repair, and has very little possibility of exploding. I on the other hand boldly went toward the engine room. So, they were doing something upstairs and I got to the floor with engineering, when the giant fracking explosion occurred. Then I recall white hot rage, and we finally stopped the intruders.

With the help of Solomon we found 3 survivors from the attackers. So, Solomon, Asuka, Billy and I interrogated them (btw Solomon totally wussed out on us and tried to snith on us). The first two told us that they were just looking for an easy score. The first two we woke up said some hurtful things and Billy killed them. Actually he cut off the first guys arms, and beat them to death with them (it stuff like this that made me leave without saying bye to Billy, but it is also stuff like this that make me love him). We woke up the last guy who was very reasonable and seemed to have the proper perspective of the world.

So, Stumpy, Mo, and Bo started fixing the ship (their drunks now). And not fun drunks like Kilroy (boring sober) but depressing drunks. Emma and Billy found us over 100 people to replace our casualties. And worst of all, that explosion totally destroyed my super sweet bed and my fog machine (I didn’t even get a chance to use this one).


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