Progression into the Stars

Security, Is It Actually Secure?


Security, Is It Actually Secure?

November 25th, 2267

The group prepare to leave for Smithy’s Anvil to go to the SD6 base located there. As they are passing through security at the spaceport one of the guards asks that John be taken aside to be searched. In the room off to the side he is assaulted and knocked unconscious. After a few moments the group realized that something wasn’t quite right about John being taken off. They go to investigate, except for Kilroy and Solomon Gorske who were already at the bar. When they go inside the room they find that it is empty, save for a chair, a piece of John’s armor that had broken off, and a message scrawled on the far wall reading, “These guards are HACKS!” They find a door located within the shadows of a corner of the room. Proceeding through the door and down the hallway, Baptiste yells some threats and insults and gets the “guards” to come running. As they turn the corner the group kills two of them and captures the third for interrogation.

During interrogation the third guy reveals that he, along with the other two, was hired by Nick The Shadow to find and capture John then bring him to Fusion. Having failed that John offered to let the guy go free if he promised to leave him alone. The man, Wador Relfim, was quick to agree. When John offered to get him a job with SD6 he decided that sounded like a great idea and joined along with the group.


Overall a nice site. I wish your comments section was open to add some notes but since it isnt I will put them here. The world looks like it is fun, thought out, and the stories are interesting. I plan to steal a couple of your planets for my Star Trek Late Night Campaign. Keep up the good work. I will check back again and see what develops.

Security, Is It Actually Secure?

I’ll go ahead and open up the comments section, that’s a good idea. I still need to open up the items section (or rather make a wiki page for it like I did people).

Feel free to take any planet ideas I’ve got! The more people that look at and use them the better!

Security, Is It Actually Secure?
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