Progression into the Stars

Shenanigans in the Metro


Shenanigans in the Metro

May 25th, 2268

Upon landing at Grand Hammer the group was greeted by a young woman at the spaceport. Bart Johnson had apparently sent her to pick them up and get them hotel rooms to stay in. The woman introduces herself as Emma Ross and escorts them to the rooms that she acquired for them. Once there she received a phone call from her boss in Transit. He was furious with her for screwing up her mission with the government there on Smithy’s Anvil. Apparently they were now refusing to trade with Transit due to some slight she gave one of the diplomats there. He fired her during the phone call.

Sensing that something was wrong John Smith gave Bart a call asking about Emma. Bart informs John that she was fired just moments ago. This prompted John to offer Emma a job with SD6. Seeing as how she had no job she was quick to accept the offer. John then gave Max Silver a call and introduced him to Andy, Emma Ross, Rei Naksumi, and Solomon Gorske. He was very quick to ask Max if these four may be hired on as part of their group. As well as the whole crew from Isabella’s ship. At first Max was hesitant, but when John informed him of Chiung Wo Nigyuen, Mo, Bo, and Stumpy, and Saxon no longer being a part of the group he was happy to agree to stop paying them and pay these new four instead. He also agreed to hire the crew of Isabella’s ship for the group quickly becoming his favorite. Furthermore, since John had called Dibs on being the captain of the ship, Max even agreed to look into getting him a promotion to solidify his position as such. Max told them to wait a couple of days for someone to arrive in the city with papers for them to sign.

After this the majority of the group returned to the ship for various reasons. John gave Emma a tour of the ship. Andy went and stole everything out of John’s quarters. Solomon left to try and settle his debt. Eventually John found out about Andy having stole his stuff and hunted her down. He found her back at the hotel room where he had Rei interrogate her into finding out where his stuff was. Together the three of them went and found his things and repurchased them. John agreed that if it never happened again he would forget about the current situation.

May 26th, 2268

Solomon managed to find people to pay off his debts and is now debt free!!!!

May 27th, 2268

The man from Adus Sakon arrived with the paperwork for the new members to fill out. John looked over the papers and after making sure he understood everything he had the new members sign on. By this time, however, Emma had begun acting very strangely. She kept referring to herself as Madeleine and would not sign her name correctly on the paper. This greatly upset John, who is quick to become frustrated. After a few minutes of bickering and shenanigans, Solomon managed to deduce that Emma must have a split personality which is Madeleine. This is revealed to the group and John eventually manages to bring Emma back. Now under control Emma signs the papers that John tells her to and the papers are then given back to the Adus Sakon employee.

Max gives John a call and tells him that the group should go ahead and travel to Prospect where the Adus Sakon headquarters are located. Once there he is to call Max back and arrangements for their retrieval will be made.


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