Progression into the Stars

The Tournament


The Tournament

December 13th – 17th, 2263

Kilroy looks up information about the bomb that was used to destroy the SD6 pub building on Transit. Bo looks up information about which mercs were off-planet during the time the explosion of the SD6 pub occurred. John has Franklin send personal invites to the 100 best mercs on planet for the tourny.

Kilroy managed to determine how the bomb should have been built and where it was located in the pub prior to explosion. Bo found a list of mercenaries that fit with when the pub was destroyed. His list of names is: Alexio Lasgood, Takei Agonawa, Vince Jiroff, Xi-Gao Mong, Viktor Snoff, Jose Alejandro, Isabella Hinano, Jane Seldid.

John made sure that these eight also got personal invites to the tourny.

December 19th, 2263

Tourny Day! Profit of $1,060K. First is The Nathan Run. “Dead Joe” accidentally died. Isabella Hinano won. Next up is the Subtlety Contest. Viktor Snoff won. Shooting Contests of Various Sorts. Asuka won those contests. Computers Contest is next. Alexio Lasgood was the winner.

For dinner they invite the 8 primary suspects to the Three Beers Bar. After walking off with Alexio for a while, Saxon and John return to the table and John throws Alexio’s hand on the table, thus letting each of the 7 remaining suspects that cheating would be dealt with severely.

December 20th, 2263

Tourny Day Two! Scenario Contest. A guy with a squeaky voice won, despite Phil’s best efforts to make everyone lose. Next up, Macgyver Contest. Isabella Hinano won. Lying Contest. During the contest John gets a call from Sam to tell him that it CAN’T be Alexio that blew up the pub and that it must have been a different mercenary from Traken 6. Asuka won the Lying Contest, due to John telling Phil to just let her win. Finally the Bomb Building contest. The group SUPER INTERROGATE the contestants during the contest. Thanks to all the questions and examinations, of the bombs the suspects created, they managed to determine Xi-Gao Mong and Jane Seldid did not blow up the pub.


John Smith thinks there is some irony in lying about the winner of a lying contest. He also thinks it is terribly unfair that there was a lying contest that he could not participate in.

The Tournament

Don’t worry, John should take delight in the fact that he basically orchestrated the lie to ALL of the contestants about who won the lying contest. In a way he basically won since no one suspected a thing.

The Tournament
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