Progression into the Stars

Tides of Power


Tides of Power

December 20th, 2263

John brings everyone the group has as suspects, as well as Asuka and Tatiana, back into a big stadium-like room. He informs the remaining contestants that the bombs that have been created will be distributed by the judges to each of the remaining contestants, no contestant shall receive a bomb they created, and they will be required to disarm them as part of the contest. At that moment many of the group members notice Isabella using a cell phone. John tells her to stop and shortly thereafter the group begins getting shot at with warning shots. After a few crazy moments, Isabella calls out to the group. She tells them that if any of them try to move they will die. Bullets then begin “raining” down knocking different members of the group out. Kilroy is quick to send himself, Phil, and Saxon into the future. The rest of the group, except Baptiste who was in the crowd, eventually succumbs.

% #1

Date Unknown

The part of the group that had passed out in the stadium awaken to find themselves in a spaceship. Each person is tied, by the ankle, to the bed they are resting in. Quickly, the group free themselves from the binds. A look around reveals the room to be almost barren aside from the beds, a desk, and a chair. After a while a mysterious voice begins talking to them, seemingly from all around. They attempt to gather information from this person, but they are not very helpful before ignoring them.

December 27th, 2263

Mo and Baptiste go to pick up Kilroy, Phil, and Saxon, while Bo stays behind prepping the ship for travel. Once they begin talking, Kilroy reveals that he had placed a tracking device on John prior to the whole “situation” occurring. Using it, the T6 (Traken 6) party determine that the rest of the group, at least John anyway, is off planet. The T6 party return to the ship. Mo finds out that the ship they are on is headed towards Yarray 5. They then prepare the ship for travel to Yarray 5.


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