Asuka Naksumi

I like my guns. I'm not so sure they like you....... *grin*


Asuka Naksumi is a Japanese gun specialist. She favors her hand cannon and her twin Uzis, but also carries a Gauss Rifle. She is a bombshell with an hourglass figure and hot pink hair. She often wears Hello Kitty merchandise and big black combat boots, looking slightly psychotic and rather intimidating. Just before she was hired by SD6, she blew the balls off a guy that threatened to cover the alley with her blood. “Gun Bunny” is not someone you wanna fuck with.


She was born on Earth during a turbulent war-torn time. She had an older sister named Rei and a brother named Satoru. Satoru and their father were both killed in war. Asuka’s mother was a medic in the war. After witnessing these deaths, Rei became a staunch pacifist, believing that war was pure evil. Asuka went the opposite direction, lashing out and becoming a very aggressive person, but never to the point of killing innocents. She had a huge falling-out with Rei and her mother over their differences, and abruptly left Earth and started a new life on Transit. She began doing mercenary work and bodyguarding jobs to satisfy her desire for violence. Later, Rei moved to Transit as well to try and reconcile their differences. Shortly afterward, Asuka started working for SD6, a supposed super-secret government agency

Asuka Naksumi

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