John Smith

I am very clever. The trick is to be clever, without showing it. Clever people will recognize and tolerate nothing but cleverness. Never interrupt your opponent while he's making a mistake. However, if everything else fails go out obnoxiously.


aka “jabber-jaw”


The first thing John Smith remembers is waking up in a the medical bay of a small space station. He was lying in bed with only a blanket to cover him, and was hooked up to an IV and heart monitoring machine. He felt a woman’s hand shaking him awake, and her voice saying “you need to get up now or you are going to die.” The patient woke up and and replied “Who the hell are you? More importantly, who the hell am I? Why am here, what are you talking about, and why does my head feel like someone tried to open it with a nutcracker? And why am I going to die?” The patient’s irritation was understandable. His head did in fact hurt. He had just been rather suddenly shaken awake by some strange person. And, most importantly, he had no idea who he was or why he was there.

The strange woman who woke him up, just as abruptly, cut him off. “We do not have time for this right now. You need to get up, get dressed, and come with me.” The woman has a slight Russian accent, which was typically only noticeable by the most careful observer, but in her state of irritation it was more noticeable. In other circumstances, the patient would have appreciated how extremely attractive the blonde woman was, but his mind was too befuddled to think about that now.

The patient stood up. He said to her, “Now look here, I am not going anywhere with anyone until I get some answ….” He was suddenly cut off by the woman pulling out his IV and heart monitor. He bellowed “Ow, that hurt!” She ignored him, threw him some clothes, and repeated her command, “Get dressed!”

The patient’s attempt to reason with the woman was interrupted by two men running into the room with guns drawn, who started shooting. She pushed the patient behind the bed, and she dodged, drew her own guns, shot a single bullet with both, and out a whole in both their heads. She stood up, looked at the patient and said “You believe me now? Those men were coming in here to kill you. If you do not come with me now, then you will never have the answers you desire.”

The patient, now both confused and terrified, shook his head yes, and started to get dressed. He waited for her to turn her head, but she didn’t, and she still had those guns out, so he just started dressing. Once he was dressed, she came over to him, pulled out a knife, and cut the ID bracelet off of his wrist. He noticed the bracelet said “John Smith.” He then asked the woman if that was his name, and she said “No. That is just the name they give to men whose name isn’t known. But it will do for a name for the time being. My name is Tatiana. Now, if you want to live come with me, and do exactly what I say.” He did that.

Tatiana took “John Smith” to a ship and took off. Apparently, they had been on some sort of space station. She took him to the nearest planet where she could explain things. Once they were on the planet, they went to a hotel. She told him that she had been a security officer on the space station. John Smith arrived there about a week before he awoke. Security and medical were told that they were to protect the patient, and not to ask any questions about him. A couple of hours before Smith awoke she overheard them say that they were going to kill him. That was when she decided to save Smith’s life. She said she was not sure who actually ran the space stations. Just that they were powerful, ruthless, and paid well. They could be one of the major governments, the mafia, rebels, or even a corporation. She told Smith that her fate was now tied to his because the space station officials would now be looking for both of them. That she was going to help him figure out who he was, and why they are trying to kill them. Doing this would endanger her. Thus, she insisted that if Smith wanted her help he should do exactly what she says.

So, they searched for information and bounced from world to world in the system looking for information. So far, they have not found much of anything. On most of the worlds, they were attach and/or left one step ahead of their pursuers. The only lead they had left brought them to the world of Transit. Tatiana said that the truth would be learned there, and it would be a good place to hide.

During their travels, John Smith learned that Tatiana was really good at killing stuff, and keeping him alive. Smith learned that he is not very good at killing anything, but he can use a pistol. Moreover, Smith seems extremely gifted at dealing with people and getting them to do what they want. Much of the money he currently has was gained either from convincing people to give him money, fake fortune-telling, or even a little gambling. He is confident he can talk his way out of most situations, and if that fails (rarely happens) he will hide behind Tatiana, or if absolutely necessary beat them down himself (what a bore)

John still desires to find out more about who he really is, and secretly suspects there are those who know more than they are saying.

John Smith

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