Retractable Power Bow

A very rare bow. It's creator is unknown.

weapon (ranged)

Retractable Power Bow

Damage: thr+1d+4(2) imp
Acc: 6
Range: x30/x40
Weight: 4/0.1
RoF: 1
Shots: 1(2)
Cost: $6,000
ST: 9 (requires two hands)
Bulk: -13 (when in use) / -3 (when retracted)

  • A regular arrow for a bow costs $2.
  • Requires a B cell for use. Has slot for a secondary B cell for backup when the first dies. A small LED lets the user know that the first B cell has died. Each B cell costs $3 and supplies approximately 500 shots.
  • To return the bow from retracted state to a state in which it can be used take 3 full turns. A successful quick draw can reduce this to 1 full turn. A critically successful quick draw reduces this to no time at all!

RPB Specialized Arrows

Damage: +1d+2(+1) imp
Acc: +1
Range: +x2/x5
Weight: +0
RoF: N/A
Shots: N/A
Cost: See Notes Below
ST: -1
Bulk: +1 (when in use) / N/A (when retracted)

  • A fletcher can make specialized arrows for this bow for an extra $3 (not including time spent). It takes approximately one week to make 32 arrows.
  • A machine can make specialize arrows for this bow for an extra $5. It takes approximately one hour to make 50 arrows.
  • Specially magnetized to work with the bow, a specialized arrow reduces reload time to 1 full turn. A successful quick draw reduces this to no time at all. Should something interfere with the magnetism of the arrow the reload time is not reduced.

Retractable Power Bow

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