Council of Five


Council of Five

The Council of Five is the organization that runs the planet Traken 6. Contradictory to what it’s name implies, the Council of Five actually contains eleven individuals.

Joining the Council

To become a member of the council a citizen of Traken 6 must be invited to join the council by one of the council members. This person is then known as the “Initiate”. A job is then given to the Initiate which must be successfully completed to prove the Initiate’s abilities. A current member of the council, the one least qualified for the job, is then selected to go complete it as well. This member is then known as the “Juxtapose”. The Initiate must complete the mission before the Juxtapose is able to. The two may very well end up in direct conflict, although direct interference of the other is heavily frowned upon1. Should the Juxtapose complete the job the Initiate is denied entry into the council. The Initiate can plea for a second job of qualification. Should they do this a new job is given, but two “Juxtapose” are then selected. The Initiate must now beat both of the Juxtapose2. If the Initiate completes the job then a review of the job takes place. This review is conducted by all council members excluding the one who gave the invite and the Juxtapose. The reviewers will then conduct extensive research into how the Initiate went about completing the job. A main thing that is looked for are signs of the Initiate receiving help, of some sort, from another person. Other aspects of the job are looked into as well. This review of the job takes, on average, two months although it is not uncommon for the review to take up to a few years. During this time the Initiate must not go on any other jobs and it is recommended that they remain on planet, although this is not necessary. Should the job be deemed acceptable the Initiate then becomes a member of the council. If the job is deemed unacceptable the Initiate is declined membership. A second job will not be given.

Why Five?

The organization is called the Council of Five because only five of the members of the council are allowed a voice. These five, known as the “Higher Council”, are the ones that have been in the council the longest. The other six members of the council are known as the “Lower Council”. Whenever an idea for a law comes about that law is then discussed by the member of the council. When discussion finally ends (no discussion is allowed to last longer than three years) a vote is called. Each member of the Higher Council receives one vote. The law is then decided by the majority of the Higher Council. Sometimes Higher Council members will be away on a mission when the vote is called. When this happens Lower Council members, beginning with the ones in the group the longest, become temporary Higher Council members until there are five Higher Council members once again3. At this time the vote will take place. Should someone leave the Higher Council for whatever reason (usually death) then whoever has been in the Lower Council the longest will join the Higher Council and all members will then begin looking for new initiates.

Current Members

Higher Council

The current Higher Council consists of Abílio Caçador, Emiliana Chenante, Pedrinho Mãpugo, Gebhard Wolf, and Chiara Lobello. After the disappearance of Isabella Hinano the other four members were quick to raise Chiara Lobello to the Higher Council.

Additional Information

1 To the extent that the Juxtapose may be removed from the council or the Initiate might have to take on a second job as proof of abilities.

2 It is unlikely that an Initiate will complete the job the second try since both Juxtapose will usually work together. But success for the Initiate is not unheard of.

3 If a Higher Council member is scheduled to arrive on planet within 80 days of the vote being called their voice is secured and the vote is postponed until the member arrives.

Council of Five

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