CP Reward System


CP Reward System

CP can be earned not only through game play, but by doing extra things that help the game overall or making any particular session more enjoyable for the group as a whole. Below is a table describing different methods for earning CP. A maximum of 7 CP can be earned for every “session”. In the case of earning CP outside of actual gaming sessions, a “session” begins when the actual gaming session starts (or supposed to anyways) and lasts until the very next gaming session starts. This is usually a two week period. Since CP can continue to be earned up until a gaming session starts (for any particular “session”) I will email you with your previous “session’s” earnings after a gaming session.

Methods for Earning

What you did How much it gets you (in CP)
Role-playing in a gaming session Between 1 – 3 (no fractions)
Progressing the plot in session (or at least attempting to) Between 1 – 3 (no fractions)
Bringing snacks and/or drinks for everyone Exactly 0.3
Writing a journal entry of the previously played session Exactly 2
Creating new content for the campaign 0.2 per paragraph (no max, unless it’s drivel)
Giving me an idea for creating content 0.1 per paragraph I write (no max)
Role-playing outside a gaming session Either 1 or 2
Completing a mission1 Exactly 3

1 CP earned this way will always be CP. It will never be converted (see below).

If there is something you can think of that you think benefits everyone or the game as a whole which isn’t on the list let me know and we’ll discuss it.

Over-max Earnings

Don’t hesitate to continue earning CP above your maximum of 7. For every 1 full CP you earn above the 7 it will be converted into a Luck Point that you, as a player, may use. Any fractions of CP you have will carry over to the next “session”.

Using Luck Points

What you can do Cost (in LP)
Re-roll a dice roll (take the better of both results)2 1
Re-roll any specific dice in your roll (take the better of both results)2 2
Auto-succeed any check (contested rolls means you win by 1, every time) 3
Auto-critical any check 5
Force me to fail a check 3
Force me to critically fail a check 4

2 This includes my dice rolls.

Just like above, if you can think of something that you think you should be able to do with Luck Points which isn’t on the list let me know and we’ll discuss it.

CP Reward System

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