Basic Info


Official Languages – Lignum, Irish, Icelandic
CapitalCrystal Copse
System – Crann
Distance from Earth – 10 light years


Grove is almost completely covered by trees. There are a few glades located around the planet but for the most part, trees.

Due to the vast amount of trees on planet much trade occurs between Grove and other planets. Despite the demand for lumber there are only three countries on planet, none of which belong to Earth either.


In 2086 the first colony ship to leave Earth, Progress, landed on the surface of the planet. The landing site became the first city, named Orchard, since the settlers used the ship parts for quick houses and other necessary buildings.

Soon strange occurrences began happening in the city. It was learned that some citizens were able to cast magical spells. These people quickly became very powerful and were known as the Pioneers. Quick to gain power the Pioneers set themselves up as overlords and split the city into small “kingdoms” each ruled by a Pioneer and several of his or her lieutenants.

In 2091 the first war, the War of the Magi, on Grove began. Three years later just after the Last Great Mage Battle all of the magi suddenly disappeared. Rumors told of a new guild for the magi, but nothing had ever been confirmed. Without their Pioneer overlords the remaining citizens on planet quickly fell into a tribal society. Where once there was one city there were now hundreds of little hamlets spread throughout the nearby forest where Orchard once stood.

When the next colony ship, Progress 2, landed in 2096 magic, and everyone that was associated with it, had been “long forgotten” by the current inhabitants of Grove. Furthermore, seeing the abandoned city of Orchard the citizens of Progress 2 attempted to contact them. Getting no reply they decided to set their ship in one of the clearings a few hundred miles from Orchard. While landing they noticed how the light of the sun would shine off the nearby trees making them look like crystals. Because of this the city was named Crystal Copse.


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