Liturgy of Assent


Liturgy of Assent

Invoked by Peritus Minor magi as part of gaining a master, the Liturgy of Assent is a collection of rituals and readings that can take anywhere from an hour to several days to perform. During this time the master must watch the journeyman invoking the entire Liturgy of Assent. The amount of time it takes is mostly determined by the journeyman’s knowledge, but partly decided on how long he wants it to last. During his travels the journeyman is expected to do research towards the liturgy.

Most of being a Peritus Minor is about researching the Liturgy of Assent. The thought behind this is that the journeyman will learn much knowledge pertaining to the magical world during his research. Once the journeyman is confident in their knowledge of the liturgy they begin seeking out a master to teach them.

The kinds of things the Peritus Minor must research include binding rituals, history texts pertaining to the potential master’s college, as well as other rituals that must be performed.

The liturgy itself, if done correctly, will form a sort of bond between the journeyman and the master. The master is generally required to allow the journeyman to do such bindings, thus his required presence, but as well the master will question the potential apprentice numerous facts pertaining to the college that he himself belongs to. If the master is displeased by any of the questions given by the apprentice he may leave in the middle of the liturgy, thus breaking the various binding rituals and in effect rejecting the journeyman. For this reason many Peritus Minor will practice the various rituals so as to complete them as quickly as possible. Many think that if they spend more time learning the history and facts of the college that they can take a very long time to perform the binding rituals to make sure they do it correctly, and indeed this works for some, but many find that it is impossible to learn everything of any particular college and one could never truly know what little facet of information any particular master will want his apprentice to know. The drawback to doing the rituals quickly, though, is that the faster they are done the greater the chance for error.

Once the rituals are complete, meaning the master has not left due to unsatisfactory answers to his questions, the master will go off alone for a time to perform the Examination Tradition.

Liturgy of Assent

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