Project Beginnings

Work on Progress began in the year 2067. Initially a joint project between the Big Seven to send the first colony ship out and colonize a world. Citizens from each of these countries were selected to be sent off, this trip would take the citizens on board approximately 8 years. Should the planet be habitable to return was to be expected.

By the year 2073 work on the ship had been finished, but before the ship could take off some problems arose. Some of the problems were,

  • Which nationality the captain should be?
  • To what ratio should the nationalities on board the ship be?
  • Whether there should be a unified language or not, and if so which one?

as well as numerous other complications. Through the course of the next three years the European nations gained much influence over the project and eventually got control of the whole project. Because of this the captain of the ship ended up being British. Although America, China, and Japan were “shoved aside” from the project the citizens from those countries that had already been selected were allowed to remain. This didn’t stop the European nations from piling more of their citizens into the ship. Where the plan was to send approximately seventy million people (twelve million per country involved) the population for the ship swelled to one hundred million inhabitants with Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and France each adding an extra four million people.

Finally by the year 2076 the ship took off. On it’s way to the Rik√∂d System much took place.

Space Trip

The first two years of travel were nothing but a constant build-up of tension between everyone aboard the ship. By the year 2078 the Americans, Chinese, and Japanese citizens had been so poorly treated that a small rebellion attempting to mutiny the ship had formed. At first this rebellion, known as the Hindrance Movement, held small meetings in rooms that had been swept clean of bugs. After about of year of planning the Hindrance Movement finally went into action. They began by destroying or otherwise hindering cameras and signals from them throughout the ship, wherever they could. Most of the locations they had access to for this were the American, Chinese, and Japanese portions of the ship (the citizens had already been segregated by this point). This quickly arose the attention of the police who began seizing members up. Every member had vowed, however, not to disclose any plans or information. Miraculously every member managed to keep their vow, it is believed that this alone is what gave the Hindrance Movement a chance of success. Due to bureaucracy new camera installations didn’t even begin until after a week of vandalism. By they time they did get started enough “eyes” were down that the movement could maneuver around easily enough to destroy more (new and old) cameras than the government on board could set up. Although more members were captured, the percentage of members lost each week steadily decreased. After about three weeks of this the government gave up on putting up new cameras. The movement had successfully implemented stage one of their plan.


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