Smithy's Anvil


Smithy’s Anvil

Basic Info

Government – Owned by France
Official Language – French
Capital CityGrand Hammer
System – Hephastus
Distance from Transit – 1.5 light years
Distance from Earth – 8.3 light years


Unlike other planets in the whole Transit Sector, Smithy’s Anvil has no other systems near it aside from Transit1. It is the second closest planet to Earth. First colonized in 2185, the planet was originally (and still technically) owned by France.

The corporations on planet are constantly vying for mining rights in different districts of the planet. Currently there are three big contenders on planet for mining rights (as well as planetary control): Safnastein, Novcheg, and Adus Sakon. Although Novcheg doesn’t have as much control of the planet currently, they are quickly expanding on planet. Safnestein and Adus Sakon have been on planet for a considerably longer amount of time and, before Novcheg came along, are long time rivals. With Novcheg’s arrival on planet, though, this has attracted enough attention from Safnastein and Adus Sakon that several smaller corporations have gotten the chance to organize together and form a sort of alliance to hold off the bigger corporations.

Everyone that works on planet works for one of the mining corporations. Most jobs (legal ones anyway) come from one of them. Most citizens are granted free housing and food as long as they are of use to whichever corporation they work for. Citizens that do not have a job for an extended period of time will quickly find themselves off-planet. Some citizens that live in Grand Hammer itself work for the French government and have circumstances more like those of citizens on other planets.

One of the unique aspects of Smithy’s Anvil is that although there is no atmosphere on planet to support life, beneath the surface a habitable atmosphere does exist. Scientists are still researching this phenomena. Because of this, every city on planet is located underground. Since everything on planet belongs to one corporation or another most cities are disconnected from one another. In some situations if two ‘adjacent’ cities are owned by the same corporation a tunnel ‘highway’ can be found connecting the two. The Grand Hammer metropolis being an exception to this since it is connected to six other large cities via a grand tunnel network.


In the first couple of decades word about the planet wasn’t spread much, if at all, but soon people began to notice France’s increased mineral exports and began wondering from where this “steady” flow was coming from. Soon mining corporations, becoming worried over France’s continuing growth in the field, began investigating the source of the “new-found” exports. It was not long before one corporation, Nesoit PluslĂ  found Smithy’s Anvil and sent a colony ship to the planet, which landed in the year 2213. France, getting word of this, was furious and demanded that they leave the planet. After a few years of negotiations, Nesoit decided to take action against the French. The corporation attacked and took control of one of the outlying cities of Grand Hammer. This was the start of the War for Smithy’s Anvil. Near the end of the war, many mining corporations, seeing both Nesoit and the French in their weakened state, moved onto the planet, ending the war and securing their places.

Additional Information

1 The next nearest system to Smithy’s Anvil is 4 light years away.

Smithy's Anvil

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