Basic Info

Official Languages – English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
Capital City – Government Sector (Official Name: Sector 0)
System – Transit
Distance from Earth – 8 light years


Located in the Bottleneck System, named for it’s closeness to other systems, Transit is the best world for habitation in its system. As such, the Big Seven, in a second attempt to have a joint project, each sent a ship to this world and aided one another in creating the Transit government.

Since there is no air on Transit giant domes were created to house the people. There are eight sectors to Transit. One sector for each of the Big Seven and one sector for the Transit government. Each sector, with the exception of the Government Sector, contains many domes to it. Most domes being cities. The sectors are roughly aligned in a circle with the Government Sector located at the “center” of the circle. The Government Sector contains just one dome, the largest dome on planet.

Entrance into the Government Sector is strictly regulated. The Government Sector also houses citizens that have jobs in the sector. Most people, when getting a job in the Government Sector, move to that sector. Very few people commute, since it takes a fair amount of time for verification.


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