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Cured At Last!A Grand Explosion
Recovering Agent Geo 9An Illness of Sorts
In Pursuit of ScannersAverting the Labyrinth
Locating Agent Geo 9A Whole New World
An Illness of SortsCured At Last!
Shenanigans in the MetroEnter the Mansion
Security, Is It Actually Secure?In Pursuit of Scanners
A Grand ExplosionLocating Agent Geo 9
When Chaos EnsuesRecovering Agent Geo 9
Enter the MansionSecurity, Is It Actually Secure?
Averting the LabyrinthShenanigans in the Metro
A Whole New WorldThe Tournament
Tides of PowerTides of Power
The TournamentWhen Chaos Ensues
Cured At Last!

June 29th, 2268
Bones finally manages to complete the cure for everyone!

After a couple days of traveling everyone is cured up and ready to leave the planet. Fortunately this was just in time for Max Silver’s next assignment to the group. Since they were unable to successfully deliver the briefcase to Agent Geo 9 they are to instead deliver it to Jung Wei on Fusion.

July 1st, 2270
The group arrives on Fusion and goes to meet with Jung at the spaceport’s IHOW. John tried to get Jung to let them see what was in the briefcase but he absolutely would not. Thus, John refused…more

Recovering Agent Geo 9

June 7th, 2268
When the ship is finally repaired the group head out back to Völundr to use their new scanning equipment to find Agent Geo 9. Upon arriving at the planet, however, they receive a distress signal. They proceed to its whereabouts to discover a ship hovering in the upper atmosphere. After suiting up they make their way into the ship.

Once inside they discover that the ship is about to run out of fuel. Everyone but John and Billy evacuate while John has Kilroy hook up cables from the I.H. Senhora de Destruição to tow the ship out of orbit. Unsure…more

In Pursuit of Scanners

May 31st, 2268
The group arrives at Völundr ready to locate Agent Geo 9. Unfortunately the planet is a gas giant and thus there is a lot of space to explore for the missing agent. They send out a message hailing Agent Geo 9, but after 20 minutes of not getting a response they decide to scan for his ship.

This is when John is enlightened to the fact that the ship doesn’t have any scanners on it. He calls Max and asks if the ship can be equipped with some scanning devices. Max says that it can be done, but he’ll have…more

Journal Entries:
Captain’s Log

Locating Agent Geo 9

May 30th, 2268
Having awakened in a hospital room belonging to SD6 the group find out that they are in quarantine. Not much hope is given to them as they wait around in the room. Eventually Max Silver comes to them telling them about a mission SD6 is thinking of sending them on.

They are to find Agent Geo 9 and deliver Solomon’s suitcase to him. John Smith demands to know what is in the suitcase and is outraged to hear that he, as well as Max Silver, does not have the required rank to get to know what is in it. Max…more

An Illness of Sorts

May 28th, 2268
After renting a planetary buggy (courtesy of John Smith) the group get on their way to Prospect. They find out that there is a large canyon in the middle of the direct route so they must first travel north to make a pit-stop in Alcohol.

Upon arriving at Alcohol, Phil is greatly intrigued by the Forge’s Fire ruins to the north of the little tourist town. After Phil convinces the rest of the group that a vacation is just what they need, they agree to go visit the ruins the next day.

May 29th, 2268
They travel north until they…more

Shenanigans in the Metro

May 25th, 2268
Upon landing at Grand Hammer the group was greeted by a young woman at the spaceport. Bart Johnson had apparently sent her to pick them up and get them hotel rooms to stay in. The woman introduces herself as Emma Ross and escorts them to the rooms that she acquired for them. Once there she received a phone call from her boss in Transit. He was furious with her for screwing up her mission with the government there on Smithy’s Anvil. Apparently they were now refusing to trade with Transit due to some slight she gave one of the diplomats…more

Journal Entries:
Events According to Baptiste
Captain’s Log

Security, Is It Actually Secure?

November 25th, 2267
The group prepare to leave for Smithy’s Anvil to go to the SD6 base located there. As they are passing through security at the spaceport one of the guards asks that John be taken aside to be searched. In the room off to the side he is assaulted and knocked unconscious. After a few moments the group realized that something wasn’t quite right about John being taken off. They go to investigate, except for Kilroy and Solomon Gorske who were already at the bar. When they go inside the room they find that it is empty, save for a chair…more

A Grand Explosion

December 31st, 2264
The group finally reunite at the intersection where John had everyone meet up. From there the guard led them down a staircase and straight to Isabella’s “Throne Room”. Immediately upon entering Isabella (having seen them) rose and ordered that they be captured and thrown in jail cells. The guards in the throne room apprehended the group and led them back towards the jail cells. Upon arriving at the top of the staircase, however, they were come upon by a horde of angry invisible workers. Between Phil and Kilroy the mob was tricked into assaulting Isabella in her “throne room”. This kept her and her guards busy long enough for the…more

When Chaos Ensues

December 31st, 2264
Now free to do as they want, Kilroy, Asuka, and Tatiana begin passing out the special drinks to everyone in the mess hall. After receiving a few questions about the food, Tatiana returns to the kitchen and begins preparing a lunch for everyone. Shortly after drinking the special drinks some of the people in the mess hall begin turning invisible. When people become alarmed Kilroy calms them by informing everyone that anyone who has turned invisible is part of a test group and anyone that successfully turns invisible will be receiving a raise in salary. A fist fight begins while…more

Enter the Mansion

December 31st, 2264
After a few minutes of palaver, the group decides to enter the mansion via the roof entrance.

Inside this room they immediately notice the walls are covered with what looks to be rat fur, with a tinge of green. Phil promptly realizes that what is on the walls is a plant creature of some sort. He then begins conversing with it. Meanwhile, Solomon is quick to begin studying the strange creature. Suddenly the creature “reaches out” at Phil and Solomon (each at different locations) and attempts to ensnare them. Phil deftly dodges out of the way, while Solomon, engrossed in…more

Averting the Labyrinth

December 30th, 2264
After meeting up with John Smith everyone returns to the ship. Meanwhile, Bo works on the ship. When the group returns everyone goes to sleep while John works on the ship some more.

December 31st, 2264
Before they could finish fixing the wing Isabella informs them that she will be destroying their ship in a couple of hours if they don’t enter the labyrinth soon. Deciding to act before Isabella can do anything the group pile into the ship and take off towards her mansion. Not liking this, she begins firing missiles at them. Kilroy attempts to send the ship into the future…more

Journal Entries:
Events According to John Smith

A Whole New World

Date Unknown
John breaks the door open a bit. Stumpy gets through, starts hitting buttons on the control panel, then falls. Chiung breaks through the door. Guards enter the new room from the second door, see the door broken, and after contacting Isabella leave closing the second door. Eventually the group breaks through and explore some rooms. They are assaulted but succeed in holding them off. The ship lands and Isabella takes off as soon as everyone gets off the ship. While stranded, night falls. The group camps for the night. During John’s watch he decides to take off on his own…more

Tides of Power

December 20th, 2263
John brings everyone the group has as suspects, as well as Asuka and Tatiana, back into a big stadium-like room. He informs the remaining contestants that the bombs that have been created will be distributed by the judges to each of the remaining contestants, no contestant shall receive a bomb they created, and they will be required to disarm them as part of the contest. At that moment many of the group members notice Isabella using a cell phone. John tells her to stop and shortly thereafter the group begins getting shot at with warning shots. After a few crazy…more

The Tournament

December 13th – 17th, 2263
Kilroy looks up information about the bomb that was used to destroy the SD6 pub building on Transit. Bo looks up information about which mercs were off-planet during the time the explosion of the SD6 pub occurred. John has Franklin send personal invites to the 100 best mercs on planet for the tourny.

Kilroy managed to determine how the bomb should have been built and where it was located in the pub prior to explosion. Bo found a list of mercenaries that fit with when the pub was destroyed. His list of names is: Alexio Lasgood, Takei Agonawa, Vince Jiroff…more

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