Progression into the Stars

An Illness of Sorts


An Illness of Sorts

May 28th, 2268

After renting a planetary buggy (courtesy of John Smith) the group get on their way to Prospect. They find out that there is a large canyon in the middle of the direct route so they must first travel north to make a pit-stop in Alcohol.

Upon arriving at Alcohol, Phil is greatly intrigued by the Forge’s Fire ruins to the north of the little tourist town. After Phil convinces the rest of the group that a vacation is just what they need, they agree to go visit the ruins the next day.

May 29th, 2268

They travel north until they reach the outskirts of the ruins (where all the gift shops and tours start). The group decide to hire a tour-guide to show them the ruins. Many questions reveal some strange legends about the area which the guys are quick to laugh at. Eventually, however, they convince the tour-guide to go deeper into the ruins with them, farther than he’s ever gone before!

Steadily traversing deeper into the ruins Phil becomes trapped inside one of the buildings. While inside he starts hallucinating and hearing strange noises, eerily mimicking what the tour-guide had previously described in the legends he knew of. They manage to rescue Phil, but all the while one by one they each begin to have their problems relating to the strange legends. A strange box is found and inside are numerous objects. The box contained a journal (written in French), a key, a button, and a weapon.

Soon a fight broke out in the group and John ended up running away. After spending a bit of time by himself he begins to return to the group, but is attacked by hallucinations. He eventually loses consciousness, but not before alerting the rest of the group to his whereabouts. Meanwhile, others that remained with the buggy begin to see similar hallucinations as well. One by one each of the party members begins to fall unconscious. Before falling unconscious himself Solomon get a hold of emergency services and requests aid. The group did manage to get John’s body and return to the buggy where the rest were, before everyone fell unconscious.

Sometime Later

The group awaken to find that they have been seen to and are in a large hospital room. It is quickly discovered that the hospital room belongs to SD6 and that, for the time being, they are not allowed to leave the room.


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