Progression into the Stars

Locating Agent Geo 9


Locating Agent Geo 9

May 30th, 2268

Having awakened in a hospital room belonging to SD6 the group find out that they are in quarantine. Not much hope is given to them as they wait around in the room. Eventually Max Silver comes to them telling them about a mission SD6 is thinking of sending them on.

They are to find Agent Geo 9 and deliver Solomon’s suitcase to him. John Smith demands to know what is in the suitcase and is outraged to hear that he, as well as Max Silver, does not have the required rank to get to know what is in it. Max then leaves for the day promising to let them leave quarantine the next day if they aren’t contagious.

May 31st, 2268

Max Silver returns and lets the group leave on their new mission to locate Agent Geo 9, deliver the suitcase, and find out why he hasn’t been responding to any messages. They are told to go visit him on Tvastar where he was conducting research.

Upon arriving on planet the group immediately head to the local IHOW to start asking around for Agent Geo 9 (using the picture they were given). Their waitress was helpful in directing them to the Licensing and Zoning Board Hall of Records. Inside is an elderly woman who was also helpful in finding out where Agent Geo 9 was located. She lets them know that Agent Geo 9 (his real name being Ralph Emerson) rented Crater Station 14 about a month back and has it rented for another three weeks. The group thank her and proceed to find a way over to the research station. They go to the hanger and have a few problems with the guy there in trying to get 6 speeders instead of 3. Eventually they just get 3 and manage to get everyone to the station.

At Crater Station 14, John decides to enter the building first. He boldly/cautiously enters through the front. Once inside he finds no signs of struggle so boldly/cautiously begins searching the small station. Further investigation reveals rotten food and more signs that the place has been empty for a while. He contacts the others to come in. They make their way to the laboratory/garage and find some of his papers lying around. Examination of the papers reveal that he was close to discovering something important. Further reading indicates that he left Tvastar for AABS 34. With that the group is on their way.

Arriving at AABS 34 they find a small research station located on the asteroid and two ships “docked” at the station as well. Donning spacesuits John, Asuka, Solomon, Emma, and Bilbo go to the station. Emma almost flies off but is saved by John. The rest, except Solomon, hit the asteroid. They quickly go inside and after pressurization take off their suits. Inside they find two researches, neither of which are Agent Geo 9, who are wondering what they are doing there. After talking a short while with the researches they discover that Ralph (Agent Geo 9) had left a couple weeks ago. He didn’t tell the other two researchers where he went. The group searches Agent Geo 9’s untouched room to discover more papers and a map with multiple planets circled on it. Through the papers they discover that he must have gone to Völundr to further his own research. The group packs up and then heads to the gas giant.


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